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I'm Paul Renner ~ Special Advisor to Private Family Offices and working with HNWIs and UHNWs ~

Paul Renner's Bio:

Paul Renner is a Dealmaker, Connector and Information Specialist


Paul Renner is the CEO of KYCMap and has launched several companies, creating deals and Joint Ventures with HNWIs involving property, finance and commodities. He is a Special Advisor to Private Family Offices and works with HNWIs and UHNWs.


Are you a Business Owner, Dealmaker or Entrepreneur looking to create extra profits in your business?


Through his on and offline worldwide network Paul Renner can connect you with the right person and organization to form successful deals, joint ventures (JVs) and alliances.


Paul will work out what you want and can get things done, no matter what.


Paul Renner's Experience:

Paul Renner's Education:

Paul Renner's Interests & Activities:

Tennis, Backgammon, Skiing in the Swiss Alps, Dealmaking, Joint Venture (JV) Connector, Negotiation Tactics, Financial research, Mentoring and helping people to achieve the best they can be.

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